3 batter minimum for pitchers - Dumbest thing I have ever heard.  Then do not allow PH either.

DH in the NL - surprised the players union hasn't fought harder for this allowing one fielding challenged player but a HR hitter to make millions longer in his playing career.

Single Trade deadline - Dumb.  The waiver process is fair and fun.

20 sec pitch clock-  IDK. What is the penalty?

Roster expansion to 26 with 12 pitcher max - OK i guess but how will this affect and limit service time, Super 2/Arbi status of the next wave of players?

Draft advantages for winning teams and penalties for losing - Not terrible but but you can't reward teams that buy winning by giving them the best draft choices. I like that the worst team should get the worst draft choice.  Always thought the NBA could avoid tanking by giving the team closest to making the playoffs the #1 pick.

Lower the mound - But games are too long now???
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I still hate the DH, like with a passion, but I get why they want to get rid of it. I'm all for having pitchers having to face a minimum of at least 2 batters. The LOOGY and constant pitching changes certainly slow down the game, especially in September when they inexplicably allow the rosters to expand to up to 40 players. Why play 5 months of the season 1 way and then switch up the rules during the last month of the season, when divisional races and such start to heat up? I've been in favor of having an extended roster for September, but only having 25 players active at a time per game. 


I can get on board with pitch clocks and batter clocks. Pitcher takes too long in between pitches? Assess a 1 ball penalty after a warning. Batter takes too long in between pitches? 1 strike penalty, etc. 

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Most of these changes are pretty reasonable when you look at it from an average fans perspective.  Regardless of the strategy piece, no one wants to watch 3 different guys pitch one inning.  No one likes commercial breaks and that just adds more and more.

More sports should get wise to this.  Take out kick offs.  Take away a couple timeouts in basketball.  Stop with the mandatory 16 12 8 4 stuff.  Blah, just play the game.

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3 batter minimum just seems like it is going to be a health issue for guys.
Shorter inning breaks. Does that mean fewer commercials?

I don't mind the Sept call up roster limits.

In exchange for offering to delay pitch clock until at least 2022, as reported, MLB believes it would benefit from a number of elements in its most recent proposal…

Those elements include:
*Three-batter minimum for pitchers.
*Maximum of 13 pitchers on 26-man roster.
*Fewer mound visits.
*Shorter innings breaks.
*28-man roster and 14-pitcher cap in Sept.
MLB withdrew draft incentives and service time adjustments from previous proposal.

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