I know there is a Golf section but it doesn't get much traffic. Use this to discuss the frustrating game we call Golf.

I'm wondering if anyone has a favorite kind of ball to use. I really cannot tell much of a difference between brands.
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I've started swinging with Bridgestone.
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To be honest with you I really don't think it matters to a point unless you're a very very consistent golfer. Even then it's probably mostly a mental thing anyways. Obviously there's a big difference between a 5 year-old Noodle and a brand new Pro V1. If you really feel like a certain ball helps you and fits your game, then use it because it's obviously giving you a mental boost and maybe a physical one too.

But if you can't really tell the difference then it probably doesn't really matter. I know some low handicapers that don't care what they hit, and I know some guys that shoot a hundred and can't swing but blame a lot of their mistakes on the ball!

Bottom line imo- if you can consistently score well, then it's worth looking into and trying out some different balls and seeing what works. But if you aren't one of those golfers, chances are it isn't the ball's fault.

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i've been playing a titleist nxt after playing the callaway hx bite for most of last fall. I like the nxt better.

There is a difference in ball performance between golf balls, balls like a prov1 (mainly your higher priced balls for each company) are going to be softer and have a higher spin rate, (so if you wicked slice a prov1, it's going to go further sideways by a few yards than a noodle or a nike pd soft), and as you go lower in price the balls are going to be harder and spin less.

Especially around the green, if you're using a prov1, you can be more aggressive in trying to spin the ball to get it close to the hole, whereas with a pd soft it's not going to spin as much regardless of how much spin you try to put on it...
....however as redd said, a golf ball is still just a golf ball. The right golf ball for your game will improve your game because you won't lose as many shots in the areas you normally lose shots (e.i., if you have a hard time hitting it straight, a lower spin ball is going to help you not go sideways; if you're really good, a harder-lower spinning ball is going to prevent you from working the ball as much as you can and will hurt your scores) but it's not going to be a huge dramatic difference. You're not going to gain/lose 10 strokes by playing the "wrong" or "right" ball. If you can play well, you can play with any golf ball. If you can play bad, you can play bad with any golf ball
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My favorite ball of all time was the Titleist Professional. When that went away, I went straight to the Pro V1, even though I hated paying that much for a dozen. Did a Bridgestone ball fitting last year, and it said I should play the e6. Works as a great ball for me as a 5 handicap.
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I am a former Assistant Pro and play to roughly a 3 handicapp. I recently switched from the Pro V to the NXT because I spin the ball too much. There is something wrong when you are spinning a 6 iron. Even with the new grooves rules, the NXT seems to stop very quickly for me. On another note I love my new Titleist 710 MBs!
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I started out the year playing with Bridgestones, but once I bought my R11 I switched to Taylormade Burner balls, and I can tell the difference. I think they come of the club head a lot better, and don't feel like I am hitting a rock.
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