Did not see myself tapping out one of these because lack of eyes, but you know what? I feel creative and wanted to provide some insight into what I’m thinkong about the Capitol for football, for both the North and South, plus an aside/ode to the alma mater.

First, I’ll lead off with the South

Belleville won a share of the conference title, and made the playoffs for the first time in 35 years as a program by itself, but were given a swift exit from the postseason by Racine Lutheran. Experience returns in droves on both sides of the ball, but like any small school program down here in Southern Wisconsin, establishing depth in the team is going to be a major measure of how far Belleville can go. It’s quite nice to see them competitive again.

NGM won another conference title, though this one was shared. They missed Feller for much of the year due to injury but if he’s healthy, he’s electric and can guide the Knights as far as he carries them, along with a good amount of talented upoerclassmen. Talent has been good at NGM the last half-decade or so, but the issue for them proves to be the combined enrollment putting them in D4, where they tend to bow out to established teams or get plain unlucky with playoff draws. 

Cambridge returns a good amount of talent on both sides of the ball, and Klingbeil has always been a solid program for many years. Unfortunately, they too, lost on the road in Level 1 to Manty Lutheran. Riley Olson returns and may well be one of the top backs in the conference, but successfully replacing QB S. deForest will be a challenge. I expect the Blue Jays to be right in the thick of things this year. 

As for Marshall, it was simply uncharacteristic. The Cardinals did not win a conference game and finished just 2-7 overall, this coming only a few short years after lording over the Capitol South for many, many years. There’s always going to be athletic talent eachbyesr, but how it jells will be Coach Kleinheinz’ biggest obstacle, not to mention it’s said that they’ll be quite young and inexperienced. Circumstantial plays in furthermore, as their leading rusher from last season moved out of the district. 

Waterloo went 3-6 and won their rivalry game over Marshall, but there’s change at the top and not much info I know of on them. I’m not quite sure what to say until we see some scores.

As far as taking a stab at a predicted order of finish, I’ve got


As it’s been since Heights dropped into 8 man, there is such little room for error for any team to win the conference outright. I think there’s as much talent and competitiveness at the top of the league in quite some time, and any of the top three could share or win the conference title outright. I also think if there’s a good break or a team clicks, the South might have a team playing beyond Level 1.
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Now, here’s some thoughts I have on the. North 

Lodi, was, as far as I can say, the ultimate example of what the ultimate goal of any small school football program. They had a dominant senior class, ran the ball with authority, had some beef in the trenches and played stellar defense. They played s classic game in the final, dispatching a similar team to them in St. Croix Central in overtime. 

.........but last year is over. The seniors graduated. The year has changed. And with that brings the challenge of being a reigning state champion. The target on their backs. They’re going to face good NC opponents. The rest of the conference is going to be excited to play them. They’ll be younger, but word is the juniors are talented. This may be a team similar to the one in 2016.... young, but talented. Puls is a darn good coach, he’ll have his team ready to go. 

Lakeside made it back to the postseason, finishing third in the conferencr with a 3-2 mark. Bauer and the veer are back and with it comes Jack Monis and his 6’4, 200 pound frame barreling at you. Lakeside averaged 33’points a game despite their record and I’m sure they’re keen to ascend back to the top of the standings after a brief lull.

A few blocks away at Lake Mills, a full on youth movement is in the cards this season. Ferkovoch’s L-Cats carried an explosive offense through the air, spearheaded by Ben Dunkleberger and Hayden Iverson. Iverson put up video game numbers all year at WR, but just as they did in 2016, they met their fate in Level 3 to an eventual State wualifie, in this case being Lodi. Replacing the production lost won’t be easy, but Ferkovich has a good thing going on at LM and the talent is there to make some noise again. 

There’s a good chance the Cardibals of Columbus take a step back forward after a 2-7 record following a 9-0 mark in 2016, as they were real young and had a fresh coaching staff. They took some blows during the season but improvement could be had this season, as they bring back a good amount. 

WLP has always been an up and down program being a boarding school, where personnel can change from year to year sometimes. As it stands the Phoenix have struggled for quite a while, they haven’t made the playoffs since their first go-around in the Capitol all the way back in 2006. They had s 5-4 team a year ago, but the dreaded 6-team conference effect took hold and the Phoenix were kept out despite a winning season. Not sure what happens next but maybe some things break their way. 

Poynette will be better, methinks, as they’ve typically been solid for many years. What helps them is they return their linemen, which always helps a small school program. 

Far as I can say, here’s my predicted order 

Lake Mills

The top two are pretty interchangeable but I’m gonna give Lodi the edge here because their culture seems to lend well to them winning despite facing losses to graduation all over the place, and the schedule will have them ready to play come conference. 

The bottom four could go any order, though I think WLP is a bit bold.... but I’d like to offer them the benefit of the doubt.
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Now, for a Heights.....

By 8-man standards, the numbers are pretty good, but it’s overall a rather young group. They’ll be playing some JV/varsity reserve games this season, which is nice to see. 

The issue at Heights is twofold. 

1. Their enrollment will always keep them out of the playoffs despite their success with 8 man.

2. The numbers. Heights will have good enough numbers to play JV games too, but are stuck in the purgatory of having a good sized program by 8 man standards, and too small a program to be a viable 11-man program. Heights has not fielded a true varsity and JV program since 2011, and there’s an extreme lack of size in boys at Heights, save for a few on this season’s team. 

I think Supernaw is doing a fantastic job, and I hope his efforts for Heights’ program get noticed by the football community, because it isn’t easy keeping a team that can’t play for anything but pride motivated. 
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