WIAA is proposing numerous conference changes including moving Kewaunee to the Olympian and adding Oneida to the Packerland. Wrightstown would move to the Eastern Valley so would drop from the Packerland in soccer.
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onpackerland wrote:
As far as the Packerland Conference, I can't think of two worse moves than losing Kewaunee and adding Oneida Nation. Puke. Thankfully its only a draft and hopefully it can get straightened out.

^And that's putting it lightly.
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write up from the door county advocate on it. the bold part attempts to answer onpackerland's question from the other thread on this topic about why Oneida Nation wants to be in a conference. also, roncalli would leave olympian and thus would be lost for soccer as well.

Kewaunee would leave the Packerland Conference and Oneida Nation would take its place under a multi-conference realignment proposal drafted by the Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association and released Tuesday to area schools.

The proposal, which impacts nine area leagues, calls for Kewaunee to become a member of the Olympian Conference and join holdovers Brillion, Hilbert, Manitowoc Lutheran, Mishicot, Reedsville and St. Mary Central. Wrightstown, a longtime member of the Olympian, would move to the Eastern Valley Conference.

?It?s way too early in the process to make comments for or against the proposal,? said Kewaunee athletic director Jeff Dworak. ?Our coaches and administrators haven?t had any time to digest this. We?ll take a look at the pros and cons of the proposal and go from there.?

Packerland Conference commissioner Terry Dooley said the proposal caught him by surprise.

?We don?t have any idea what?s going to happen, and I don?t think anybody else does either,? he said. ?Why would we want to give up Kewaunee??

Dooley said athletic directors from the current eight Packerland Conference schools will discuss the proposal during a regularly scheduled meeting April 10 in Green Bay.

Meanwhile, Oneida Nation is looking to join a conference after playing independent schedules for years. Principal Artley Skenandore said becoming a member of the Packerland or another area conference would help establish rivalries with other schools and reduce transportation costs and travel time to games.

?We look at this as a very positive step in the right direction,? said Skenandore. ?Being a member of a conference is where you?re able to grow and stabilize a program. We?re anxiously waiting to see what the next step will be.?

WIAA Associate Director Deb Hauser released the realignment proposal, but couldn?t immediately be reached for comment.


(Schools in bold would be new members)


Sturgeon Bay (392 students)

Southern Door (384)

Oconto (292)

Algoma (206)

Gibraltar (205)

Sevastopol (142)

N.E.W. Lutheran (125)

Oneida Nation (86)


St. Mary Central (394)

Kewaunee (320)

Brillion (318)

Mishicot (289)

Manitowoc Lutheran (232)

Reedsville (217)

Hilbert (173)

? These are only two of the nine conferences that the WIAA is proposing to realign.
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I know Xavier is none too happy about a proposed move to the Bay. Wondering if Oneida makes more sense with a more northern conference due to size, though location makes the Packerland attractive. Under the current proposal the Packerland could almost be its own 8-man American football conference.

Good catch on Roncalli for soccer. Valders is also on the move and that affects the girls' side of the conference for soccer too. There would need to be some soccer moves with 3 of the boys' teams and 2 girls' teams moving - especially now the Southern Door is out of girls and maybe boys soccer.
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New realignment proposal for the Packerland

Olympian/Packerland (14 teams): Algoma (206), Gibraltar (205), Green Bay NEW Lutheran (125), Hilbert (173), Kewaunee (320), Manitowoc Lutheran (232), Mishicot (289), Oconto (292), Oneida Nation (86), Reedsville (217), St. Mary Central (394), Sevastopol (142), Southern Door (384), Sturgeon Bay (392).
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