Pick'em Standings
bigriversfootballfan 32-7
dfnewburry 31-8
geagles4 13-15
str8outtachip 7-1
mhsfootball 7-5
fanman1 3-1

BRC Standings
1. Rice Lake 8-0 (6-0)
2. Chippewa Falls 7-1 (5-1)
3. Superior, Menomonie 6-2 (4-2)
5. Eau Claire Memorial 4-4 (3-3)
6. Eau Claire North 2-6 (0-6)
7. Hudson 1-6 (1-5)
8. River Falls 1-7 (1-5)

Week 8 Matchups

Superior 21 @ Eau Claire Memorial 27- I want to see as many BRC teams as possible make the playoffs so I am going with the Old Abes

Eau Claire North 9 @ Hudson 54

River Falls 19 @ Menomonie 41

Chippewa Falls 19 @ Rice Lake 26- Game of the year. I think this one will be a hard fought game that will come down to the last minute.

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Wow, what a year it's been in the BRC. With all the large amount of seniors in each team, I don't think the BRC will be as completive next season. Anyways, good luck to all the BRC teams on their last week of conference play. For all those not moving on, good luck in the off-season and cheer on the BRC teams.

Game of the week:
Chippewa Falls 49 @ Rice Lake 22 - Rice Lake is thinking about the playoff, state championship, and Chippewa knows they have no chance at state, so they thinking conference championship as their State Championship game. I would have to say Chippewa is the "Real Deal" and I am sorry it took me long to believe in them. I have to admit that they played a great game against Menominee and should?ve won.

Superior 22 @ Eau Claire Memorial 28 - Getting better each week and this week they should get the job done and secure a win to make the playoff. They need to get #2 involve more on offence.

Eau Claire North 23 @ Hudson 50 - Hudson will win because North has no one to play for them. I thought they were going to be one of the top team in the conference this season; However, players got hurt and it sadden me to watch their season go downhill. Wish all the seniors well!

River Falls 33 @ Menomonie 45 - Menomonie will win in the game and will only have their starters play the first half. I do believe it will be a high scoring game because River Falls can score points and Menomonie will have to keep up to win, but their starters won?t play both ways.

Again Good Luck to all the BRC teams.
"True success is overcoming the fear of being unsuccessful? ? Paul Sweeney
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Rice Lake wins
Menomonie wins
ECM wins
Hudson wins
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Superior 31 @ Eau Claire Memorial 34- I agree with everyone in saying that having more BRC teams in the playoffs is better. Also, it gives us a D1 team in playoffs, which we normally have. This year however Hudson was unlucky and Memorial is having to claw. Also doesn't help that North would have been D2 anyway. This game will be a great game, Superior still has a chance at a two seed with a win and Chippewa loss, but Memorial is playing a playoff game already. If it comes down to special teams (kickers especially) Memorial will win because they have two good ones.

Eau Claire North 14 @ Hudson 35 North and Hudson are playing there last games, so they will both play their best games. Hudson is going to be the favorite next year, I don't know the exact number, but they have something like 5 seniors on the team. They are going to be scary next year. So sad to see what happened to North this year, they had a good chance of being special.

River Falls 14 @ Menomonie 42 River Falls has one more game. Menomonie is fighting for that two seed with Chippewa and Superior though. Against a team that can't run, Menomonie will force a lot of turnovers and three and outs. I expect running clock and JVs in the game at the end. Give River Falls credit though, they have fought all year, and deserve a lot of credit.

BRC Championship

Chippewa Falls 38 @ Rice Lake 28- Isn't it great to have a game on the last week mean so much? I don't agree with people saying that Rice Lake will look to playoffs or that to Chippewa this is their state championship. Both teams are playing for similar things, for Rice Lake it's an outright Championship in maybe the best BRC ever. For Chippewa it's sharing that honor and knowing in the back of there mind they win any tie breaker (if they existed) to win the Conference. Both teams will be pumped and it will be a hard fought game.
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Superior @ Eau Claire Memorial

Eau Claire North @ Hudson

River Falls @ Menomonie

Chippewa Falls @ Rice Lake

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