Baseball season has already begun so lets get some talk about whose going to be in the top of the conference. What teams do you feel are going to finish where among the 7 teams in conference? I feel like Reedsburg and Baraboo will be fighting for the top spot in the conference. If both teams can get another solid #2 pitcher behind their aces they could be dangerous teams with their high powered offenses with Lennon and Mazur for Burg and Kowalke for Boo.

I have the season ending like this:

1. Baraboo-will live off of kwal's arm and bat for what I hope to be a show down with reedsburg for the championship. Think he may have too much for them in the end as shown last season.

2. Reedsburg-will benefit off of the experience gained last season by many younger players, but i heard rumor that mazur may not be 100% for the start of the season which is why I have them at 2. If the rumors are true it could affect them even worse.

3. Waunakee-lost a lot but will win a lot of games off the lefty hook of hurst

4. Portage-will be a good solid team that could surprise a lot of
people even me at being much higher than finishing 4th.

5. Mount Horeb-Mt. Horeb could be a team that sneaks up on people with a few wins here and there, but will finish in the bottom half.

6. Defo-lost to much from last year, in Wichmann Johnson Wright, to be in the runnings for conference again.

7. Sauk-Will finish last again this year. Always a good hitting team but I think their defense will lack without koenig, but even with keonig last year they finished last so i dont see that changing.
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Three way race between Burg,Baraboo, and Portage. All have solid teams, however i believe Reedsburg will come out on top.
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Any team in the badger north can beat any of the others this year. Hurst is good in waunakee but he can not and will not carry them this year, if waunakee goes anywhere this year it will be because they can hit. Baraboo will be dangerous because K-wall can pitch them to a win but their hitting isnt reliable being very inconsistent and streaky. Sauk is well, not the best they've ever been. Deforest will be decent but nothing compared to last years team. Portage will be very good but i dont think they will be able to beat the better teams in the badger(i.e. Reedsburg, waunakee, Boo) later in the season and i also see them getting upset by a sub par team like sauk. Mt. Horeb may get lucky and finish just below .500 but they have a chance to beat some better teams just because they can be very streaky.

The way they finish this year....
1. Reedsburg
2. waunakee
3. Portage
4. Baraboo
5. Deforest
6. Mt. Horeb
7. Sauk
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