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Slowly, the all-district teams are being announced. Post 'em when you've got 'em (mine come from
All District 2 Team
Player of the Year: Jordan Stine (Merrill)
Coach of the Year: Bill Urban (Pittsville)
Assistant of the Year: Troy Bargender (Stratford)
1st Team
[ul]P - Ty Copeland (11) Pittsville
P - Ben Fischer (11) Wausau East
C - Josh Klismith (12) Stevens Point
IF - Jeremy Bartelt (12) Wisconsin Rapids
IF - Ryan Hennekens (12) Wausaukee
IF - Nick Grunenwald (12) Merrill
IF - Chris Rutta (12) D. C. Everest
OF - Jordan Stine (12) Merrill
OF - Ryan Weisnich (12) Johnson Creek
OF - Adam Yushta (12) Pittsville
U - Jeremy Richter (12) Rosholt [/ul]
2nd team
[ul]P - Aaron Dott (11) Green Lake
P - Luke Vosz (11) Rosholt
C - Kiel Dahl (11) Deerfield
IF - Eric Kijak (11) Marathon
IF - Aaron Buchowski (12) Stevens Point
IF - Evan Seal (11) Abbotsford
IF - Jeff Coffey (12) Deerfield
OF - Ryan Sonntag (12) Green Lake
OF - Luke Witter (12) Wausau West
OF - Brian Kaldunski (12) Marathon
U - Rick Walsh (12) Green Lake [/ul]
3rd team
[ul]P - Eric Kayzers (12) Wausaukee
P - Blake Porter (12) Stevens Point
C - Bo Smedema (12) Cambria-Friesland
IF - Evan Neuens (12) Florence
IF - Ben Wirtz (11) Marshfield
IF - Adam Francour (10) Wausaukee
IF - Joe Muraski (12) D.C. Everest
OF - Clay Hazelberg (12) Green Lake
OF - Dan Hendrickson (11) Stevens Point
OF - Matt Couey (12) Deerfield
U - Eric Schoenfuss (12) Stratford [/ul]
Honorable Mention
[ul]Ben Long (12) Wisconsin Rapids
Micah Zirbel (12) Wild Rose
Andrew Evanoff (12) Stevens Point
Randy Gneiser (12) Green Lake
Chris Hoerter (11) Stevens Point[/ul]
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Badger teams are in District 5.
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I though it was Andy Yushta from Pittsville, not Adam.
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Could be--I just copied from the site so I don't really know.
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All District 3 Team
Player of the Year: Aaron Aspenson (Seneca)
Coach of the Year: Rick Sime (Seneca)
Assistant of the Year: John Nickolay (Eau Claire Regis)
[ul][align=left]P - Luke Zurbriggen (Onalaska)[/align]P - Aaron Aspenson (Seneca)
IF - Mitchell Moe (La Crosse Central)
IF - Tyler Halvorson (Viroqua)
IF - Robbie Grzadzielewski (Mosinee)
IF - Ben Wood (Wisconsin Dells)
OF - Matt Selz (Chippewa Falls McDonell)
OF - Joe Casper (Onalaska)
OF - Nick Ikert (Bangor)
C - Adam Bezemek (Adams-Friendship)
U - Aaron Martin (Westby) [/ul][left]SECOND TEAM [/left][ul]P - Garrett Nix (Osseo-Fairchild)
P - Joe Nickolay (Colby)
IF - Ryan Servais (Westby)
IF - Kasey Schindler (La Crosse Logan)
IF - Pat Groom (Wauzeka)
IF - Wes Kraemer (Pioneer Westfield)
OF - Charlie Skifton (Onalaska)
OF - Brett Hubbard (Lodi)
OF- Sam Henrickson (La Crosse Central)
C - Brett Olson (Eau Claire Regis)
U - Josh Pulver (Poynette) [/ul][left]THIRD TEAM [/left][ul]P - Evan Buhr (Viroqua)
P - RJ Seidel (La Crosse Central)
IF - Josh Weber (Onalaska)
IF - Dylan Blount (Bangor)
IF - Todd Soley (Adams-Friendship)
IF - Brennan Cassidy (Eau Claire Regis)
OF - Kirk Koplin (New Lisbon)
OF - Tim Sinniger (La Crossen Central)
OF - Cody Spears (Viroqua)
C - Josh Anderson (Osseo-Fairchild)
U - Ben Johnson (Onalaska) [/ul][left]HONORABLE MENTION[/left][ul]Andy Hesgard (Colby), Brian Nicksic (New Lisbon), Bobby Raasch (Westby), Joe Cina (DeSoto), Jack Temple (La Crosse Central), John Fanta (Viroqua). [/ul][left]ALL- ACADEMIC TEAM[/left][ul][align=left]Luke Zubriggen (Onalaska)[/align]Todd Soley (Adams-Friendship)
Adam Bezernek (Adams-Friendship)
Jack Temple (La Crosse Central)
kasey Schindler (La Crosse Logan)
Tim Licht (Stanley-Boyd)
Jarod Ulrich (New Lisbon)
Mike tolvstad (Onalaska Luther)
Pat Groom (Wauzeka)
Alex McCullick (Wauzeka)
Daniel Kraemer (Wauzeka)
Andrew Peterson (Seneca)[/ul]
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All District 1 Team
Player of the Year: Ross Benitz (Osceola)
Coach of the Year: Nate Schurman (Eau Claire North)
Assistant of the Year: Brad Matzek (Prescott)
1st Team
[ul]P - D.J. Eggers (12) Prescott
P - Phil Isakson (10) Eau Claire North
C - Pat O'Laughlin (11) Eau Claire Memorial
IF - Brandon Powell (12) Elk Mound
IF - Kyle Paulson (12) Amery
IF - Jesse Nicolai (12) Eau Claire North
IF - Adam Stuessel (11) River Falls
OF - Brad Keeling (12) Lakeland
OF - Colin Mau (12) Barron
OF - Colin Boone (12) Eau Claire Memorial
U - Ross Benitz (12) Osceola [/ul]
2nd team
[ul]P - Brian Mueller--12--Barron
P - Scott Fern-- 11--Eau Claire Memorial
IF - Barry Ranallo--12--Cumberland
IF - Justin Tobias--12--Prescott
IF - Ross Rortvedt--12--Lakeland
IF - Justin Diers--12-Eau Claire North
OF - Dave Olson--12--Osceola
OF - Marty Hinze--12--Osceola
OF - Rob Rybicki--12--Eau Claire North
OF - Cory Hastings--11--Menomonie
U - Nick Hoffman--12--Park Falls
U - Forest Clements--11--Bloomer [/ul]
Honorable Mention
[ul]P - Jared Wirth--12--Eau Claire North
P - Nate Larson--12--Eau Claire Memorial
IF - Griff Severson--12-- Cumberland
IF - Tom Block--12--Prescott
IF - Joby Davidsavor--11--Amery
IF - Cole Kraft--11--Menomonie
IF - Ryan Gilbertson--12--River Falls
OF - Devon Anderson--12--Cumberland
OF - Ryan Schumacher--12--Elk Mound
OF - Stetson Grant--12--Amery
C - Ben Anderson--12--Barron
C - Matt Magnan--11--Prescott [/ul]

All Academic
[ul]Griff Severson (Cumberland)
Matt Magnan (Prescott)
Ross Benitz (Osceola)
Brandon Powell (Elk Mound)
Ross Rortvedt (Lakeland)
Dave Olson (Osceola)[/ul]
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They other ones aren't available yet. When they become available, they will be posted at [link=][/link] .
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any computer either sucks or i can only view three on the wbca site...hopefully the other ones get up there a date the coaches had to vote by?
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6 for Spring ball and another 2 for summer.
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Only three are currently available. Other results will be posted soon. Keep checking back.
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any more?
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[align=center][link=][/link][/align][align=center][/i] [/align][align=center][i] [/align][align=center]2005 All District 5 Team [/align][align=center]Player of the Year: Kevyn Feiner (Sun Prairie)
Coach of the Year: Rob Hamilton (Sun Prairie)
Assistant of the Year: Randy Gabel (Barneveld)[/align]1st Team
[ul]P - Garrett Granitz (12) Sun Prairie
P - Jordan DeGeorge (12) Beloit Turner
C - Josh Groves (12) Monona Grove
IF - Kevyn Feiner (12) Sun Prairie
IF - Casey Johnson (12) Oregon
IF - Derek Leighton (12) DeForest
IF - Josh Krueger (12) Portage
OF - Travis Kerr (12) Sun Prairie
OF - Steve Nelson (12) Oregon
OF - Derek Sliter (12) Sauk Prairie
U - Ross Hellenbrand (12) Middleton [/ul]
2nd team
[ul]P - Andy Aebly (11) Madison Edgewood
P - Jason Hooper (11) Lake Mills
C - Nick Zimpel (12) Barneveld
IF - Michael Pogue (12) Sun Prairie
IF - Travis Rupert (12) Sun Prairie
IF - Andy Jones (12) River Valley
IF - Justin Dahmen (12) Madison Memorial
OF - Kyle Johnston (12) Lake Mills
OF - Ben Hagstrom (12) Middleton
OF - Joel Acker (12) Waunakee
U - Tristan Reynolds (11) Potosi [/ul]
3rd team
[ul]P - Riley Tincher (11) Oregon
P - Matt Jenson (12) Madison Memorial
C - Patrick Burr (11) Sun Prairie
IF - Jason Fuller (12) Lake Mills
IF - Ryan Stace (12) Oregon
IF - Chris Kittoe (12) Potosi
IF - Ryan Statz (12) Waunakee
OF - Jake Brown (12) Sun Prairie
OF - Brett Sweger (10) Beloit Turner
OF - Bryan Brickson (12) Middleton
U -William Schlimgen (11) Barneveld [/ul]
Honorable Mention
Vance Vlasak (Pecatonica), Dave Paulus (Monona Grove), Curtis Muller (Sun Prairie), Justin Doyle (Mineral Point), Travis Mester (Belmont), Ben Traund (Madison Memorial).

IMO...some horrible choices. Both the SWAL Large MVP Drew Bode (Prairie du Chien) and SWAL Small MVP Nick Budden (Southwestern) got robbed by 2 players who frankly shouldn't have replaced them. No way Andy Jones (River Valley) and Justin Doyle (Mineral Point) should be on here over Bode and Budden. The system fails again..
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