well since this board is one of the dead beats on wissports, lets at least post a topic and see what happens.

If you could make an all time team for football for your school who would play each position?
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Ill give it a try with Bloomer even though Ive only been around this program for about 6-8 years.

QB-Bryon Yakesh over 2500 yards and 27 TDs in 1987.
RB-Levi Nayes 2046 yards rushing and 37 total TDs 2011. Heck of a Saftey too!!
I saw almost every game he played was fun to watch!
RB-Jon Rufledt 1835 yards in 2002 (4390 career).
REC-Bryan Dachel 1300 rec yrds and 17 TDs in 1996.
REC-Brian Seibel 1100 rec yrds in 1984
REC-Greg Libersky 258 yards rec. in one game, 15 TDs that same year 1988.

For lineman Ill have to stay more recent with guys Ive seen play.
Bryce Siverling, Sam Nauman, Brandt Bruxvoort, Ben Canfield, Tanner Prill.

A year from now I think I would be taking a player or two from this years (2013) Blackhawks.

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Seeing as I can only remember back to 1998-99 or so my "all-time" list will more than likely be extremely biased. Here it goes...


QB: Holden Gerner
RB: Tim Greene
RB: Lucas Hartwig
WR: Eric Greene
WR: Lukey Klitz
TE: Mike Reik
OT: Cody Mclean
C: Eric Allen

CB: Lukey Klitz
DB: Jared Sasada
DB: Andy Scheier
MLB: Tyler Lackas

As for offensive linemen and defense that I've left blank, I honestly didn't pay attention enough to remember everyone. And to be honest, Markesan hasn't really had anyone worth being named to this list in the last 5 years or so.....our record and strength of competition proves that.
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