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A trade is going to be tough, but if they made a trade for the 30th pick, it'd be to dump Snell's contract.  And it'd probably be 30, Snell and a future 2nd, or 30, Snell and Brown to free up cap space for this summer to very comfortably sign all of our free agents and have wiggle room next year.
Bucks trade the 30th pick in the 1st round along with small forward Tony Snell to Detroit for former UW Badgers forward Jon Leuer.

Nice call, CC !

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Mock Draft V3-my final mock.  A lot will change before the draft tonight, but the order is relatively stable.  There are going to be some massive drops and massive bumps by virtue of this draft being a bit of a crapshoot beyond 5ish.

1-Pelicans-F-Zion Williamson-book it.  Now the question is how the Pels fill out the roster around him.

2-Grizzlies-PG-Ja Morant-after the Grizzlies traded Mike Conley, now the picture is even clearer if it wasn't already the Grizzlies are ready to draft Morant.  A late rumor came out that the Pelicans were aggressively trying to move up to 2 to select RJ Barrett, but I don't see MEM moving back.

3-Knicks-G/F-RJ Barrett-this is about as secure as possible without calling it a lock.  The Knicks did their due diligence on Darius Garland, but it was probably a smoke screen.  Barrett was the consensus #1 pick pre-season before Zion produced and Barrett showed some holes in his game, but he has a ton of potential.

4-Pelicans-PG-Darius Garland-I don't think the Pels keep this pick, they likely move back to collect more assets, but I'm still relatively confident Garland is the pick.  If the Hawks moved up, it'd probably be for Jarrett Culver, if another team like the Timberwolves move up it'd be for Garland.  

5-Cavaliers-F-DeAndre Hunter-this pick has changed each and every time I look at it from Culver to Doumbouya.  It's anybody's guess what CLE does and they could also be in the hunt to trade up or down.  If they keep the pick, Hunter would slot in well as a versatile forward with some scoring ability, defensive versatility and a good 3P shot.

6-Phoenix-SG-Jarrett Culver-this pick is down to Culver and Coby White.  I ultimately think PHX lands on Culver as a higher upside potential.  Culver isn't a perfect fit, he and Booker aren't pure PG's, but can both facilitate the offense.  Culver is also a better defender than White.

7-Bulls-PG-Coby White-this has been rumored to be a promise from the Bulls and if White is there, they'll take him.  They need a PG and White fits the mold as the perfect compliment next to LaVine.  He's not a pure point, he doesn't facilitate all that well, but is a really good pick and roll scorer and shooter.

8-Hawks-SF-Cam Reddish-this has been a consistent pick in mocks and if ATL doesn't move up, Reddish would fit in well.  He's ultra athletic, has shown flashes to be a dominant scorer, but is first and foremost a lock down defender.  He has all the tools to be really good, it's about putting them together and producing on the court.

9-Wizards-F-Sekou Doumbouya-WAS needs to hit for a home run here and Doumbouya is a project with a ton of potential.  He is a bit of a point forward as he can grab the rebound and get up the court with the ball in his hands.  He's raw and thin, but shows a lot like Pascal Siakam.

10-Hawks-C-Goga Bitadze-this is the very earlier Goga would go and has been rising up mock drafts in recent weeks.  He'd be the first center off the board ahead of Jaxson Hayes.  I don't love Bitadze, he's a monster center at 7'1", 250 lbs and a bit lumbering, but he's a great roll man in the pick and roll.  He plays below the rim, but is efficient there and a good shot blocker.

11-Timberwolves-F-Rui Hachimura-Rui is another guy that has suddenly shot up mocks recently, but always seemed undervalued.  He was a high level scorer at Gonzaga.  He's 21 so isn't a very young prospect, but has a ton of talent at all three levels on offense.  He needs to work on his defense and be a better rebounder, but MIN could use a lot more front court help next to KAT.

12-Hornets-PF-PJ Washington-CHA has long been enamored with decorated college players and Washington fits that mold.  He was highly productive at Kentucky.  He can score inside, as a mid ranger attacking the basket and spotting up from 3.  He's a good rebounder and decent defender, he just doesn't offer a ton of potential, but CHA needs help at the 4 and Washington would slot in as a glue guy.

13-Miami-SG-Romeo Langford-this is a tough draw for MIA.  They have needs at PF, especially if they can unload Whiteside, but Washington and Hachimura come off the board ahead of them.  MIA would then swerve to the backcourt.  Dion Waiters has been in a lot of trade discussions and MIA is thin in the backcourt.  Langford's shot was wildly inefficient last year, but took on a big work load.  

14-Celtics-C-Jaxson Hayes-it's entirely up in the air with what BOS does with this pick, but if they keep it, they are likely targeting a center to replace Al Horford.  It remains to be seen because they do have Robert Williams yet from the draft last year, so this is a bit of duplication, but Hayes has a lot of potential as a Jarrett Allen type.  He's going to take a year or two to get use to the size and strength of NBA players, but he's a long term project.

15-Pistons-SG-Nickeil Alexander-Walker-DET made a move to acquire Tony Snell relieving some of their weakness at wing.  They also have Luke Kennard.  NAW is a bit of a combo guard with the ability to facilitate and score.  He lacks elite athleticism but uses his long frame and nifty footwork to score off the pick and roll.  DET could use all the ballhandlers they could get and NAW would help in that regard.

16-Magic-SG-Tyler Herro-DET has the ability to get a few different directions here, but with Terrence Ross entering free agency, depth and shooting on the wing will be a big target.  I love Herro's game, he's cold blooded and operates well in the pick and roll and shoots the ball well.  He'd fit alongside Fultz and Fournier.

17-Hawks-PF-Brandon Clarke-Clarke is falling a bit in the draft boards, but I like him a lot.  He's undersized at 6'8" but uses his elite athleticism to block shots, rebound and stick put backs.  He has a negative wingspan which is always a black mark on any players draft card, but he produced with huge numbers in college despite of that.

18-Pacers-SF-Nassir Little-Little is dropping in mocks and I don't love his game, he is a pure potential guy after not producing well at UNC, but he has a perfect NBA body for a SF with a 6'6" frame and 7' wingspan.  He attacks the rim and uses his strength to get to the basket.  He also theoretically should be a good defender which is crucial in a defense-pro system in IND.

19-Spurs-SF-Keldon Johnson-Little and Johnson will be interesting to watch, both are in similar ranges, but Johnson has been mocked consistently to SA.  They'd benefit from his all-around game and shooting prowess along with his size which SA doesn't have a lot of, especially with Rudy Gay entering free agency.

20-Celtics-SG-Kevin Porter Jr-Porter might have the highest potential of any guard after 10 or so, but there's a lot of concerns regarding his maturity and ability to be a good teammate.  He was suspended at USC for exactly that, but seemed to turn it around in the second half of the season.  He can be an elite scorer and might be the best of any of the SG's around here.  BOS has a good culture and a good coach to try to tame him.

21-Thunder-SF-Cameron Johnson-it's not certain that OKC will keep this pick, they're shopping it to unload salary, but if they kept it, Johnson would be perfect as one of, if not the best shooter in this draft.  OKC needs floor spacers badly and they'd nab one of the best late in the draft.

22-Celtics-PF-Luka Samanic-again, this is a tough mock considering BOS has three 1sts they're not likely to keep all of, but Samanic would be a good stash play.  He's a 6'11" shooter with the ability to attack the rim.  He doesn't block shots and isn't a great defender, but his size and scoring ability are a plus.

23-Grizzlies-G-Ty Jerome-the Grizz acquired this pick in the Conley deal and may look to bolster their backcourt.  Jerome can play either guard position, was a really good scorer and particularly long range shooter in college and can pass the rock.  I liken him a lot to Landry Shamet, a late 1st pick up who plays both guard positions and could play right away.

24-76ers-G/F-Matisse Thybulle-while PHI has needs shooting and backup center, they may look to also bolster their wing position.  Jerome would've been a great pick up, but he goes one pick ahead.  Thybulle is a complete swerve, he is a crazy defender averaging unworldly numbers as far as steals and blocks.  PHI is a lock down defensive team when they want to be and Thybulle would help in that regard.

25-Trailblazers-F-Darius Bazley-POR has selected players in the past but non-traditional routes to the NBA and Bazley is no exception.  Instead of playing college ball, he took an internship with New Balance.  He was a highly touted prospect as a 6'9" switchy forward with a long, rail thin frame.  POR might like Al Farouq Aminu in free agency and while Bazley probably won't play right away, he'll provide depth their in the future.
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Sounds as if the Bucks will then move Leuer onto someone else to get some cap relief.  Makes for a boring night tonight with no picks for the Bucks.  
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Pick Analysis-

1-Pelicans-F-Zion Williamson-obviously a win for the Pels, David Griffin said Zion wasn't there to save the franchise, but he is.  He seemed genuinely happy to go wherever, he cried, showed real emotion even though he was the consensus #1 for months, he's going to be great in the NBA.  It's a really good story for the Pels who have had a rough stretch for years.

2-Grizzlies-PG-Ja Morant-I like that the Grizzlies moved on from Conley so quick.  They didn't try to drag him along into their re-build, they maximized the asset as best they could and got one of the most exciting players in this draft who could be good really fast.

3-Knicks-G/F-RJ Barrett-I was a bit surprised NYK didn't do more tonight, but I'm not sure what else they could've done.  They seem truly invested in the free agents this summer.  If they don't get Kawhi, I still think they should absorb salary into their cap space and acquire picks, be bad for another year and showcase their young guys while moving onto free agency in 2020.

4-Hawks-F-DeAndre Hunter-I can't blame the Hawks, clearly they loved Hunter, and they acquired all these assets to go after guys they want.  They wanted Trae Young, so they got him without reaching and got an extra pick out of it.  They wanted Hunter, so they took on salary and traded picks and did it.  They didn't overbid or just say screw it and stick at 8 and 10.  They have a game plan and are moving on it.  I don't know how good Hunter will be, maybe somewhere between Jae Crowder and Otto Porter, but he's going to be solid.

5-Cavaliers-PG-Darius Garland-I'm skeptical they keep Garland.  I have no idea how they'd expect Garland and Sexton to work together.  They made the comp afterwards touting them as the next Lillard and McCollum, but Garland is even smaller than McCollum and is an on-ball player.  I applaud that they took best player available, but I'm not sold this will work.

6-Timberwolves-SG-Jarrett Culver-at the last minute, the Wolves seemed up to stuff.  It seemed like they were targeting Garland, moved up to 6 believing CLE wouldn't take him because they have Sexton, but they did so they settled on Culver.  I think Culver can be good, he has limitations, but he can score even without elite athleticism and MIN needed to upgrade their backcourt.  They gave up Dario Saric to move up and that's very little of an ask to move up from 11 to 6 considering Saric isn't ground breaking and will be a free agent next summer.

7-Bulls-PG-Coby White-this was pegged for awhile.  A good pick, CHI didn't get too cute, stuck to their guns and didn't panic when it seemed White could go as high as 3 at the last minute and still got who they wanted at 7.

8-Pelicans-C-Jaxson Hayes-this one shocked me.  I had Hayes dropping in the draft late.  I thought he'd get leapfrogged by Goga Bitadze, but Hayes is a perfect big behind Zion.  Their lack of shooting on the team will absolutely need to be addressed, but they have a monster front court there.

9-Wizards-F-Rui Hachimura-I like Hachimura, I thought he was going to get nabbed post-lottery by someone, I just thought this was a bit early.  I liked Sekou Doumbouya better, but WAS clearly isn't going to play the waiting game for Sekou to develop.  Hachimura should be able to play right away, he has a lot of potential, but I think he settles around Thaddeus Young level player.

10-Hawks-F-Cam Reddish-I was a bit surprised, after ATL took Hunter at 4 that they still took Reddish.  It's a strange grouping of Reddish and Hunter, they're both kind of SF's who can play small ball 4.  But at 10, they swung for Reddish who has the highest potential of anyone after Garland here.  He won't be asked to do too much right away and should benefit from having a lot of shooters around him.

11-Suns-SF-Cam Johnson-what a disaster.  The Suns traded back from 6 to 11 to pick up Saric who's in a contract year and reached by about 20 picks on Cam Johnson.  I thought he'd be a great pick up for a team in the late 20's as an instant shooter off the bench, but in Phoenix, where they have a ton of wings, this was bad.  PHX should've gotten a third team involved and traded back further, they weren't going to fight anybody in the next 8-10 picks for Johnson.

12-Hornets-PF-PJ Washington-I nailed this pick.  CHA is so in love with college players who are successful and with a high pedigree (Kaminsky, Cody Zeller, Kidd-Gilchrist, Monk) and none of them have worked out.  CHA also always picks guys they have a need for rather than looking at the bigger picture.  Washington to me is just going to be a filler.

13-Heat-SG-Tyler Herro-this was a bit of a reach, but I liked Herro better than the other SG's on the board.  MIA needed some backcourt depth and Herro can handle the ball and score.  The scary thing is I heard a comp of Tyler Johnson, who the Heat just had, massively overpaid and had to salary dump.  I think that's Herro's floor though.

14-Celtics-SG-Romeo Langford-I thought BOS had a horrendous draft and this kick started it.  Langford was a horrendous shooter in college.  He reminds me of Dion Waiters in his playing style.  Maybe around better creators, he'll have the load taken off of him, but with Hayward, Tatum, Brown and Smart, I have no idea where they anticipate Langford fitting in.

15-Pistons-F-Sekou Doumbouya-love this for DET.  Sekou showed an impressive ability to shoot the 3 in his workouts, he can get out and run the floor and has a ton of potential.  He's going to need a year or two of development but with Griffin and Drummond on board, he won't be asked to do too much right away.

16-Magic-F-Chuma Okeke-I'm not sure if this or the PHX pick was worse.  I never saw one mock where Okeke was mocked into the 1st round.  He tore his ACL just three months ago.  He's going to miss all of summer, training camp and the start of the season.  ORL keeps inheriting severely flawed players and while Okeke is a great defender, his top end of his pick range would've been here even without a torn ACL.  Considering how many trades there were, I can't believe ORL reached this high for him.

17-Pelicans-SG-Nickeil Alexander-Walker-considering the lack of talent after this pick, this was fine.  NOP needed more guards and NAW can play both the 1 and 2, similar to Jrue Holiday.  I don't see him getting a ton of run right away especially with Josh Hart incoming, but he's a young, talented guard who can score, defend and playmake.

18-Pacers-C-Goga Bitadze-this was a head scratcher.  IND has Turner and Sabonis, two centers who can't play together effectively, now they add Goga who is strictly a center to that same depth.  Maybe they trade Sabonis which opens up back up minutes to Turner, but Turner just signed an extension so it's going to limit Goga's playing time and development for the entirety of his rookie contract.

19-Spurs-PF-Luka Samanic-another nailed pick, this one fits the exact mold of the Spurs.  Aldridge is likely to play mostly at center as he did most of last season, Samanic and Bertans can split back up 4/5 roles.  

20-76ers-G/F-Matisse Thybulle-another pretty easy nailed pick, he has the exact DNA PHI plays with.  He's a defensive force.  The question is where does PHI find its outside shooting?  Simmons, Embiid, Zhaire Smith, Thybulle, those are four rotation players who can't shoot.

21-Grizzlies-PF-Brandon Clarke-one of my favorite players in this draft.  He is an absolute monster on the boards, scoring on the inside and defensively, he'll be a great pairing with Jaren Jackson Jr.  MEM is going to lose their pick potentially next year but Clarke was a lottery talent that dropped to them.

22-Celtics-PF-Grant Williams-another disastrous pick IMO for BOS.  They have a need at PF, but Williams is undersized, heavy and can't shoot.  He bullies his way around the basket, but I don't see that translating as well to the NBA.

23-Thunder-F-Darius Bazley-OKC shopped this pick to dump salary and couldn't get it done.  Instead, they took a player who took a non-traditional route to the NBA, similar to how Terrance Ferguson did and they picked up last year in the draft.  Bazley's a combo forward with long limbs and elite athleticism with a lot of promise.  But they have Jerami Grant under contract currently that offers a similar style.  Regardless, OKC needed depth up front and Bazley should offer some of that.

24-Suns-G-Ty Jerome-now this was a good pick up for PHX.  Jerome can play both backcourt positions, shoots really well and makes plays with the ball in his hands.  He'd be a great spark plug off the bench.

25-Trailblazers-SF-Nassir Little-Little dropped really far in the draft, likely because of his lack of development.  He's an athletic SF who attacks the rim, but doesn't have a consistent outside shot.  POR struts out a lot of Evan Turner and Mo Harkless who I think POR will move on from quickly this year if it becomes available and give Little primary defender duties on the perimeter.

26-Cavaliers-F-Dylan Windler-a really good late pick up for CLE.  He can shoot the heck out of the ball.  He comes from a small school, Belmont, but shooting is a trait that generally translates and with so many big men who are around the rim players and two PG's that are ballhandlers, Windler should have free reign to roam the perimeter.

27-Clippers-C-Mfiondu Kabengele-Zubac is a free agent and with LAC saving cap space for a max free agent, they needed depth at center.  Kabengele will need some development, but he has the ability to be a three level scorer, rim attacker and defender.  And he'll have great tutelage from Montrezl Harrell.

28-Warriors-SG-Jordan Poole-GS bought into the 1st round to pick up Poole, clearly targeting SG with Klay out for most of the year and very little other SG depth to speak of.  Poole is a ball dominant SG who can score, but lacks elite athleticism and defense.  Regardless, he and Jacob Evans will vye for playing time next year while Klay sits out.

29-Spurs-SF-Keldon Johnson-while I was surprised SA took Samanic at 21 instead of a SF like Little, they jumped back into the 1st round and took Johnson, one of the two players SA was targeting and still nabbed.  With Rudy Gay a free agent and no other depth at SF, this was a great pick up for them.  A sneaky good draft for SA who has a fun group of young players-Derrick White, Dejounte Murray, Lonnie Walker, Keldon Johnson and Luka Samanic.

30-Cavaliers-SG-Kevin Porter Jr-Porter Jr had lottery talent with a 2nd round attitude.  There are major concerns about him, but at 30, I'd usually say he's well worth the flier.  I don't see this as a great fit, there isn't a lot of veteran influence there and the coaching seems to always be in flux.  The big blackmark is CLE traded FOUR SECOND ROUND PICKS AND $5M cash to get this done.  
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Trade Analysis-

MIA trades future 2nd round pick and cash to ATL for #44 pick
*MIA subsequently selected Bol Bol at #44 and traded him to DEN for future 2nd round pick and cash

-For MIA-this was an odd scenario.  MIA bought into the 2nd round and ended up getting Bol Bol to drop to them.  With Whiteside, Adebayo and Olynyk on the roster, there wasn't a spot for Bol Bol and they traded him to DEN for the same.  Clearly MIA was targeting someone else who wasn't there when they picked and they traded out.  The future picks and cash amounts aren't yet known, but I'd bet MIA made out slightly ahead.

-For ATL-ATL had something like 5 picks in the top 44 and sold off some of them.  This is the problem when you acquire TOO many picks.  You can make all the smart moves in the world and acquire picks, but in the end, you're likely to sell some of them off.  I'd bet ATL would probably go back and undo this trade if they knew Bol Bol would've been there and taken a flier on him.
GSW trades 2024 2nd rd pick and cash to ATL for #41 (F-Eric Paschall)

For GSW-they had to buy into the 2nd round because they're going to need as many cheap contracts as possible and most of next year will be developmental for them while they wait for Klay/Durant to come back from injury if they're re-signed.  I didn't love Paschall though, he didn't seem to do any one thing very well.  He's an undersized 4 that doesn't shoot all that efficiently from 3 or grab rebounds at a high rate.

For ATL-same as above, they moved on from their 2nd rounders and traded for future picks.
PHX trades TJ Warren, #32 to PHX for cash considerations

For PHX-a disastrous start to their day started with a salary dump of Warren who is a productive player.  I'm sure they did their due diligence in putting him up for sale, but this seemed like a premature deal.  Warren is only on a $12M per year deal for 3 years and scores at a high rate as an undersized 4 and shot over 40% from 3 last year.  But they threw in the #32 pick for him which turned out to be KZ Okpala, someone many analysts were high on as a 1st round talent.

For IND-IND had a ton of cap room this summer and with Thad Young's likely departure, Warren will slide in as a starting 4 for them.  He's on a relatively cheap contract for his value and they added a pick to it, getting KZ Okpala, who can score from all 3 levels, but is most effective attacking the rim.  At 6'9" with a long wingspan, he has tools to be a switchy forward, effective in IND's system.
NOP trades #4, #57, future 2nd, Solomon Hill to ATL for #8, #17, #35, 2020 1st (CLE)

For NOP-this made a lot of sense for NOP.  They weren't thrilled with their options at 4 and instead used it to trade down, get more value and dump Hill's deal to open cap space this summer.  They used 8 to select Jaxson Hayes, somebody they were clearly targeting but weren't taking at 4 to fill their center need, 17 to select Nickeil Alexander-Walker-depth at SG as a scorer/shooter, 35-Marcos Louzada Silva-a 6'5" guard with a sweet 3P shot but will be a draft and stash for now, and CLE's 2020 1st which will likely become two 2nd round picks as it's top 10 protected.  Dumping the Hill deal also gives NOP something like $30M in cap space this summer.

For ATL-ATL was targeting DeAndre Hunter and had to move to 4 to get him.  They got to keep their 10th pick in the deal, but had to take on Solomon Hill for it and selected Cam Reddish, a project with a ton of potential.  They also recouped a future 2nd rounder which nearly evens out sending out CLE's 2020 1st which will be two 2nds.
MIN trades #11, Dario Saric to PHX for #6

For MIN-they have a lot to be desired on their roster and had to be creative.  Saric wasn't great for them, mainly playing as a 6th man and is in a contract year.  His development is likely peaked and they didn't want to go into free agency next summer having to re-sign him amongst the rest of their monster contracts.  They moved up 5 spots to #6 and took Jarrett Culver, a great fit for them with a need for another playmaking, scoring guard.  

For PHX-this marks their 2nd bad deal of the day.  Saric can theoretically stretch the floor and pass, but doesn't do anything at all that high of a level.  They clearly targeted shooting this year and are going to spread the floor around Ayton, but getting Saric and targeting D'Angelo Russell in FA is going to be a disaster defensively.  They'll get Saric for one year before having to re-sign him, a big ask depending on his price, and moved down from a rather coveted spot where they had their pick of a couple of good players to 11.  And at 11, they selected Cam Johnson by doubling down on bad moves.  Johnson was seen as somewhere in the range of 21-33 and they took him 11th.
BOS trades #20 to PHI for #24, #33

For BOS-this ended up being a good deal.  PHI wanted Matisse Thybulle who would've been fun to watch next to Marcus Smart as defensive stalwarts, but they went a different route and traded down getting Ty Jerome and Carsen Edwards, two guys who are knock down shooters.  Jerome is a better playmaker than Edwards who mainly is a scoring undersized point guard, but Edwards can get hot and shoot the lights out.  BOS subsequently flipped the 24th pick to dump Aaron Baynes which helps out their cap sheet, but I think they'll regret dumping Ty Jerome.

For PHI-they moved up to ensure they'd get Thybulle.  PHI must plan on playing a zero-out offense next year with no shooters on their roster.  But they pride themselves on their theoretical defense and Thybulle will fit that mold.  They'll now have Zhaire Smith coming back from injury too to help with depth, but neither can shoot.  I thought they should've waited and let Ty Jerome fall to them who would've been a perfect fit.
MEM trades #23, future 2nd to OKC for #21

For MEM-MEM moved up two spots and got Brandon Clarke, an absolute steal and a perfect fit next to Jaren Jackson Jr.  JJJ is more of a spread 5 with his shooting ability and defensive prowess on the interior.  Clarke will play the inside, swallowing up opposing guards, blocking shots and grabbing rebounds.

For OKC-they moved back and selected Darius Bazley.  This was a curious move as Clarke would've been a great fit for them to fill an upgrade at the 4.  Bazley is a big project at 19 years old, he has a lot of potential, but doesn't fit their timeline of win now.
PHX trades MIL's 2020 1st to BOS for #24, Aaron Baynes

For PHX-this is what doesn't make sense.  PHX traded TJ Warren and attached the #32 pick to dump his salary, but then took on Baynes salary (about half of Warren's) for the #24 and had to send out MIL's 1st which is likely in the range of 25-30 next year.  PHX just did a horrendous job the last few days.  With the 24th pick though, they got Ty Jerome who will fit in will as a playmaking, shooting combo guard.

For BOS-kind of a slap in the face to Baynes, it's rumored thye told him they wouldn't trade him so he opted into his deal, then they immediately traded him to PHX in a salary dump.  Ty Jerome would've been a great grab for them to bolster their backcourt which they have none of right now, but BOS clearly has their eyes on free agency targeting a PG and needed all the cap space they can get.  They'll pick up MIL's 2020 1st which will probably be a late 1st.
BKN trades #27 to LAC for #56, PHI 2020 1st

For BKN-this was all about getting off guaranteed salaries.  They want to keep their cap sheet clean for two max free agent slots and they traded down to the bottom of the 2nd and picked up PG Jaylen Hands, likely a 2-way candidate, and PHI's lottery protected 2020 1st.  This was a good move for them, although there were good players available, to stave off guaranteed contracts.  They still recouped a future 1st from PHI which will be in the same range.

For LAC-you can look at this trade as that they got the #27 pick this year for what's likely to be around that range next year, barring some sort of catastrophe from PHI.  LAC picked up intriguing young center Mfiondu Kabengele.  With Ivica Zubac a free agent, LAC needed front court depth and Kabengele is a project, but a good long term asset.
CLE trades four future 2nd round picks to DET for Kevin Porter Jr

For CLE-clearly, they wanted Porter Jr badly and knew if they didn't get him here, they wouldn't have gotten him in the 2nd round.  The four seconds aren't yet known.  I'd imagine, based on CLE's host of 2nd round picks incoming in the next five years, one of them is top 55 protected, so unlikely to convey, while three are.  Kevin Porter has a ton of potential and talent as a scorer, but he has some maturity issues.  CLE went out and took a ton of guys with a lot of scoring and playmaking ability, selecting Darius Garland, sweet shooting Dylan Windler and Porter Jr.  This was a quantity over quality group for CLE hoping at least two are good.  But they gave up almost all of their plus-assets to get him.

For DET-this had to be a little tough.  Clearly, the negotiations were that DET was going to take him, and they made CLE bid hard for him.  But with DET's lack of assets for the future, picking up four 2nd round picks is big.
MIA trades three 2nd round picks to IND for #32 (KZ Okpala)

For MIA-this was surprising.  MIA doesn't have a lot of draft capital for the future and their reign continues of bad asset management.  Every time they get a pick or two, or have cap space, they use it up immediately.  KZ Okpala isn't a needle mover for me.  He's a switchy forward with scoring ability in straight line drives to the rim and physical tools to be a good defender.  With James Johnson's career winding down, they were looking for his future replacement.

For IND-this is why I didn't sweat the Bucks not getting a 2nd round pick, because early 2nds came at a HUGE premium.  You can no longer throw cash at a team to buy early 2nds and IND, who has cap room and a good young roster, didn't need another rookie on top of Goga Bitadze who they took in the 2nd round.
PHI trades #34 to ATL for #57, two future 2nds

For PHI-they moved back after getting Matisse Thybulle late in the 1st, to pick up more 2nds for the future.  PHI is clearly wanting to fill out their roster with more veteran players than young guys.  Thybulle and Zhaire Smith may both be apart of their rotation next year and with Smith missing most of his rookie year, keeping #34 would've meant three guys, essentially all rookies, on their roster.

For ATL-ATL did a lot of moving and shaking and traded up here to select Bruno Fernando.  They need front court depth and traded up for DeAndre Hunter instead of taking Jaxson Hayes at 8 or 10.  Fernando is a big, under the rim type of player and ATL will have Alex Len starting next year and give Fernando a year to develop.
GSW trades 2021, 2023 2nd rd picks to NOP for #39

For GSW-they used two future 2nds to trade up and select F Alen Smailagic.  Smailagic played for the Warriors G-League team last year and showed a unique ability, at 6'11", to play like a SF as a primary defender and driving scorer.  The Warriors wanted to get him and continue to develop him as he's still 18 and now own his rights for the forseeable future.

For NOP-more pick collection.  By 2023, GSW may be on the downswing and this could be a valuable pick.  After getting two early 1st round rookies, NOP didn't need any more rookies on full contracts.
LA Lakers trade 2020 2nd rd pick, cash to ORL for #46

For LAL-they moved up to select Talon Horton-Tucker, a very unique prospect at 6'5" with a 7' wingspan.  He's not a great scorer, but more of a defender, facilitator and rebounder.  He filled up the stat sheets in college and has a similar style to a Draymond Green-esque style player.

For ORL-this probably has more to do with ORL not wanting any more developmental players on their roster as they'll be giving heavy minutes to Mo Bamba, Markelle Fultz and Jonathan Isaac next year and instead took a future 2nd and cash for their troubles.
PHI trades #42, Jonathan Simmons to WAS for cash

For WAS-without having any picks outside of #9, WAS jumped all over this deal for the value.  They got a pick here which around this range was costing teams a couple 2nd round picks, for the price of taking on Simmons $1M guaranteed contract.  They selected Admiral Schofield, a thick combo guard with veteran leadership at TEN and just a pretty good all around game.

For PHI-this was shocking.  They gave up this pick to simply get out of Simmons contract which was non-guaranteed and only owed $1M.  That's a heavy price to pay to just cut $1M off the books.  
DEN trades future 2nd, cash to MIA for #44

For DEN-they jumped into the 2nd round and took Bol Bol late.  DEN has an affinity for guys with a lot of potential with injury risk-Michael Porter Jr last year, but this was a great flier to take so late.  Bol Bol won't have to play at all this season with Jokic and Mason Plumlee at center, but it'll give him a lot of run in the G-League and some seasoning with the big team.

For MIA-kind of surprising, but MIA traded a few picks to get KZ Okpala, so this in essence was to recoup some of those picks.
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