Standings as of 8/21

DB 6-2
NSCFootballFan 6-2
Amped0808 6-2
Jdel21 6-2

Week 1 Scores

Racine Horlick 31 Morse-Marshall 0
Custer 46 SWCHA 0
Hamilton 26 Shoreland Lutheran 21
South Division 38 Bay View 34 (Well now....)
St. Francis 49 Vincent 0
Racine Lutheran 42 Reagan 12
Pewaukee 34 Riverside 31 (Hmm.....)
Shorewood/Messmer 14 Rufus King 8
Bradley Tech vs Hope Christian CANCELLED

Open Date: North Division, Madison, Pulaski, Washington

Milwaukee City Standings after Week 1


1. Custer 1-0 (0-0)
2. South Division 1-0 (0-0)
3. Madison 0-0 (0-0)
4. Pulaski 0-0 (0-0)
5. North Division 0-0 (0-0)
6. Vincent 0-1 (0-0)
7. Reagan 0-1 (0-0)


1. Hamilton 1-0 (0-0)
2. Washington 0-0 (0-0)
3. Bradley Tech 0-0 (0-0)
4. Bay View 0-1 (0-0)
5. Riverside 0-1 (0-0)
6. Rufus King 0-1 (0-0)
7. Morse-Marshall 0-1 (0-0)

Week Two Matchups

Thursday, 8/23

Madison at South Division
Washington at Marshall

Friday, 8/24

Pulaski at Reagan
Custer at Vincent
Delavan-Darien/WB at North Division
Kenosha Tremper at Rufus King
Hamilton at Bradley Tech
Bay View at Riverside

Game of Note

Wilmot at Franklin
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Thursday, 8/23

Madison at South Division - Air South Division this year? Looks that way after opening win against BV. No idea what Madison is bringing to the table.

Washington at Marshall - Not a terrible showing from Marshall in Week 1. That should carry over into victory vs. a Purgolder team needing to replace a lot of contributors.

Friday, 8/24

Pulaski at Reagan - Reagan should methodically move the ball up and down the field and control the clock vs. a Pulaski team that is desperately missing to the co-op they used to have with the Huskies.

Custer at Vincent - Custer blew out an unknown quantity in the home school team. Vincent got absolutely pole-axed by St. Francis. Ouch.

Delavan-Darien/WB at North Division - We'll see if North has the numbers for this...ya never know with MPS this time of year. Impressed with how D-D/WB hung with defending state champ Lodi in Week 1.

Kenosha Tremper at Rufus King - Tremper may be a cellar-dweller in the SEC, but that still puts them a cut above the Woodland-East, and a re-tooling King squad. Should be fairly decent game though as King's better than WAC.

Hamilton at Bradley Tech - Nice win from Hamilton in Week 1. It would appear they solved "the replace a successful QB" riddle...something not always easily done in MPS or elsewhere for that matter. Interested to finally get our first look at the new-look Tech Trojans.

Bay View at Riverside - BV still put up points in Week 1. The defense was no longer there though. That's gonna be a problem this week against a Riverside team that had Pewaukee on the ropes.

Game of Note

Wilmot at Franklin - Follow me. Because we all need a bit of sports snark in our lives.

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Madison at South Division - apparently South has some playmakers.  Still can't get over how 17 kids beat Bay View.  This week should be different for South - South should win big - with 17 kids. 
Washington at Marshall - No clue what Washington has.  Marshall does return a lot.  Also, Washington isn't Horlick. 

Friday, 8/24

Pulaski at Reagan - Reagan should win this one going away. 
Custer at Vincent - Custer is quietly putting together a nice little program.  Vincent still has a few things to work on.  
Delavan-Darien/WB at North Division - does North field a team this week?
Kenosha Tremper at Rufus King - King is as good as they were last year - if not better- however Tremper is trending up.  This game should be close and actually could go either way.  
Hamilton at Bradley Tech - Hamilton could be the conference dark horse here.  Coach Thompson had noted how happy he was with his team this year prior to week 1; their win provides some confirmation to that.  Tech has yet to play a game, as a result I think Hamilton jumps all over the here.  If Bay View loses (see below), a Hamilton - Riverside matchup will be something to look forward to. 
Bay View at Riverside - Riverside was up 19-0 vs Pewaukee.  Wagner does use those games as a barometer.  Based on that, they will be good.  BVHS has shown they can score - but against who?  The loss last week had to be a fluke, however this week they will be tested.  It's not too crazy to say that this week 2 matchup could determine the City.   
If you can't score, you can't win
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Thursday, 8/23

Madison at South Division: Nice win for a undermanned South crew last week.

Washington at Marshall: Marshall didn't let it get to a running clock last week against Horlick. They should be able to get a W here.

Friday, 8/24

Pulaski at Reagan: Like North, Pulaski, Tech, and Madison, we'll finally get a look at Pulaski here. Reagan gets a big W here.

Custer at Vincent: Kinda underwhelmed with Vincent last week. Custer looked impressive against an inferior opponent in SWCHA. Custer wins late.

Delavan-Darien/WB at North Division: How many bodies can North scrounge up for this game. Either way, D-D wins big.

Kenosha Tremper at Rufus King: Grats to King for not letting S/M run away with it last week. However Tremper is trending up (despite a considerable gap to the top half of the Southeast).

Hamilton at Bradley Tech: Nice win for Hamilton against Shoreland. We finally get to see what Swittel has going on at Tech this week.

Bay View at Riverside: If Riverside held on for the W last week against Pewaukee, they would have been the prohibitive favorites in the league. Their speed gets them a W against a Bay View still smarting from losing to South last week.

Game of Note

Wilmot at Franklin                        
2013 WSN HOF Inductee, 2014 Derek Lendosky Poster of the Year
Wissports HOF Coordinator
Once a Warrior, Always a Warrior
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WLC Men's Tennis: 2013-14 Northern Athletics Collegiate Conference Tournament Champions (13-10)
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South over Madison
Marshall over Washington
Reagan over Pulaski
Custer over Vincent
Delavan Darien/WB over North
Tremper over King
Hamilton over Tech
Riverside over Bay view
Franklin over Wilmot
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