Standings as of 11/4/12

Newmen 10-0
Nfcnorthchamps25 8-2
Amped0808 8-2
Dfnewburry 7-3
Wrastle 7-3

Level 3 Scores

Edgar 43 Rosholt 0
Amherst 21 Stratford 14

Level Four Matchup

Edgar (11-0) vs Regis (11-0)
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Regis- Should be a good game though, Regis two scores.
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Edgar (11-0)... They may be to quick for Regis vs Regis (11-0)

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Regis - Having seen this Edgar team a few times this year I didnt think they looked like state material, but now its only gonna take one win and theyve got a decent shot. Im expecting them to lose, but wouldnt be shocked if they ended up in Camp Randall.
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