• MusclePharm

    Anyone on here ever use any of their products?

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    Started by mrcarter

  • Stupid Hamstrings

    So about 5 weeks ago I pulled my hamstring playing basketball. I was crossing over and my left leg slipped and went one way while my momentum went...

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    Started by bballcrazy1212

  • Circut Training

    Does anyone do this and with what success? I workout in a busy gym and was thinking about trying to accomplish 3 exercises at a time for 40 seconds...

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    Started by twista05

  • P90X

    So, I'm going to start this for my first time on September 5th. Has anyone else gone through the whole program? I'm thinking of going...

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    Started by sportsfan12

  • Conditioning/weight training

    I'm curious on what other schools do for conditioning during the season/offseason? Also what are the higher end kids in your programs lifting?( Like...

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    Started by shwb

  • Creatine

    I've heard many different things over the years about creatine including... It is naturally produced (in small amounts) by your body, It...

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    Started by newmen

  • Protein during the day.

    Do you reccomend protein right after lifting only or in the morning, after workout, and casein at night?

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    Started by bucks11

  • anybody have results for ford's backyard bash?


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    Started by truss66

  • Jumpsoles

    Anyone use them and get results?

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    Started by sportsfan12

  • Plyos and Weight Training.

    I have seen sites that suggest not doing plyos and weight training on the same day. But, what if I did opposite plyos in the morning and opposite...

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    Started by bucks11

  • BSN

    Anyone have details on why they pulled their NT line of products? I've just heard that they are "reformulating" them for re-release in the...

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    Started by sportsfan12

  • Shakeweight

    Anybody give up on caring what people think of you and try the shakeweight? I bought one and have only used it 3 times and are already seeing a...

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    Started by souvenircity

  • Post Your Favorite Workouts

    I thought there might have been a topic on this once, but who knows. I'll start a new one anyway in hopes of getting some activity around here....

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    Started by rodey

  • FST-7

    This is a training method that is gaining popularity in gyms lately within the past year. It was developed by Hany Rambod and a few top pro...

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    Started by MBC2K4_old

  • Protein

    What is your preferred post workout protein supplement and why?

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    Started by harvardonthehill30

  • NaNO vapor, NOxplode

    Who takes either of these? Pretty much the same product I've heard. Also how many servings and how do you cycle and how do they work for you or...

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    Started by twista05

  • Flexibility and Yoga

    Hey all, As most of you know I have a pretty experienced background in fitness and exercise. However, my biggest weakness is probably my...

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    Started by hillmatic39

  • Ab's

    Thoughts on working out the abs? What are the best ab workouts you have found? Do you do sets and reps, or do you do some form of 15 minute...

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    Started by hillmatic39

  • Supplement Stacks

    I've never really been into them, but looking to give it a try. What do all of you serious lifters use?

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    Started by sportsfan12

  • Losing fat and gaining muscle

    How do you do it? Is it even possible to do at the same time?

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    Started by selttiks_old

  • Your routine

    I know we've done these before, but what do you all do? I'm a little over half-way through my p90x hybrid where I do 3 days a week of the...

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    Started by jtownsupporter

  • What gym do you go to?

    I have been a member of Anytime Fitness for almost 4 years. I first started at the one in Milwaukee on Farwell Ave. My senior year at UWM, I...

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    Started by cameroncrazies02

  • Lee Priest's Rules on Building Big Guns

    Pretty good article I found from the guy with, in my opinion, the best arm development in the history of bodybuilding... Best Arms of All...

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    Started by MBC2K4_old

  • Lunk Alarm

    Has anyone heard about this? At Planet Fitness (I'm guessing not a chain around here), they have this giant alarm that if the lifter grunts or drops...

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    Started by cameroncrazies02

  • Flexibility

    Alright this question is posed just for discussion and is meant for more of the serious trainers on the board or those individuals who are studying...

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    Started by hillmatic39


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