• cutting AND increasing strength

    yeah, so i started my cutting stage about a weak ago. I do an intensive lift and then do about 3 miles of cardio on the tredmill. On some off days,...

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    Started by nbagod_2006_old

  • Anybody Else Have this Problem?!

    Is anybody else here truely addicted to the weight room and gyms? I mean very addicted. I end up working out about 4-5 hours a day, 6-7 days a...

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    Started by nbagod_2006_old

  • Question

    What's the best way to tone and define your muscles rather than just to build strength. Is it lighter weights with more reps? I think that's what...

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    Started by rodey

  • Basketball Workout

    Does anyone know of any workout plans specialized for basketball players. Our school uses the Grimwood Program, but it is more for strength...

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    Started by silkyindian20_old

  • Drop Sets

    I read something about these in a magazine. The are supposed to increase muscle size pretty dramatically, anyone have any experience with these? ...

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    Started by crusaderpride

  • Steroids

    I'm thinking about juicing up. Any thoughts or suggestions?

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    Started by rodey

  • Bigger Faster Stronger

    I was talking to a freshmen at a D1 College---he plays football and they have him on the BFS (Bigger Faster Stronger). Anyone have a link? Is it...

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    Started by ecker_old

  • Plyometric Exercises

    How many of you do them on a regular basis? I am planning on incorporating them into my workout more, even though I really have no use to jump high,...

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    Started by kern1

  • increasing flexiblity

    any good suggestions/tips on increasing flexibility for someone who works out regularly? such as when is the best time...

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    Started by ecker_old

  • Sleep

    Ive heard from a number of people that sleep effects weight gain and how much strength you build, I was wondering if this is true? I know people who...

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    Started by Line4life_old

  • Can somebody help me

    i was just wondering if anybody has any tips on how to get faster? Ive been trying to incorporate more 40 yard dashes into my training along with...

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    Started by warrior guard 58_old

  • Lifting Troubles

    I have been lifting for two years now, three times a week atleast, and ofcourse my lifts have increased quite a bit. Latley I have found myself...

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    Started by OFSuperTrooper_old

  • 2006 Muskyfest Open Bench & Powerlifting Meet

    I got an e-mail this morning about the 2006 Muskyfest Open Bench Powerlifting Meet (in Hayward) scheduled for Saturday, June 24th. If you want the...

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    Started by leecorso

  • Gatorade vs. Water

    This is something I see waaaaay to much. People... gatorade isn't good to be drinking during the workout! Every workout you should only be drinking...

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    Started by kern1


    It seems common knowledge now that soda is about as healthy for you as motor oil and debates still run about sport drinks, but what about water? If...

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    Started by defensewins

  • Good or Bad

    How is everyones attendence in the weightroom as far as football teams?

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    Started by Monty_Brown_old

  • Favorite Lift

    What is your favorite lift or exercise? If I had to pick I would say anything with a medicine ball is good times. It's just like playing catch...

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    Started by kern1

  • Lifting

    Lifting is so sweet. It feels so good and I love it.

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    Started by ecker_old

  • Wierd.

    Wierd. I am buff.

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    Started by hoopster11_old

  • lifting routine

    whats everybody's lifting routine? These are always fun to look at, since everyone's differs from everbody elses. I'm a freshman in college and I...

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    Started by panther56


    Welcome to the weightlifting/training board. This was made for the multiple topics that seem to get started on most of the high school sports...

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    Started by kern1

  • Who can use the "TWebBrowser" component?

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    Started by leopold89


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