• Week 5 Scores...

    Hilbert 9 Brillion 0 Brillion's offense looks poor in 3rd straight loss. Valders put 44 up on this defense last week and Brillion couldn't...

    10 0 1,376

    Started by mags1

  • Valders Football

    Valders just knocked off two number one teams in a row. The question is, is Valders really that good or were Brillion and Hilbert not as good as...

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    Started by sports22

  • upn 32 game of the week

    i see the brillion-hilbert game is going to be the game of the week on sept 23 on upn 32....pretty cool for two small town teams

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    Started by lionfan1

  • FSN

    The Wrightstown Brillion game in week 8 has earned state wide attention as it was chosen to be the game of the week in the entire state and will be...

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    Started by tigersfan05_old

  • He's Back!

    I got bad news for SMC. #5 will be back and playing next friday against SMC. He was actually in uniform tonight and could have played if we had...

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    Started by tigersfan05_old

  • September 2 Scores

    What all happened tonight? Valders started out strong marching 80yds down the field and scoring on their first position. Unfortuneatly, it kinda...

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    Started by sports22

  • aug 26 scores...post em here

    brillion 21 manty lutheren 6 brillion very impressive in first half

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    Started by lionfan1

  • Week 1 Predictions

    I should have made this earlier in the week, but oh well. Whats everyones predictions on the games this week? Heres my picks Mishicot vs...

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    Started by tigersfan05_old

  • Reedsville 8th Grader?

    Could some one from Reedsville tell me the name of your best 8th grade boys basketball player? Word on the street is that he will be going to...

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    Started by tigersfan05_old

  • Valders Girls' Basketball

    Why is there an varsity coaching opening at Valders? Any talent there?

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    Started by ronin_old

  • Fall baseball

    I am looking to put together a team to play in a fall baseball league. Right now there are two options...the first is at TDS...I think the cost...

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    Started by ballfan55

  • Surprise Players

    I just wanted to get all your thoughts on who may be a "surprise".............any and all sports Football- Max Schmelter(Brillion)

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    Started by me123_old

  • QB's and RB's in the conference

    who are the starters or possible starters for this up comming season

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    Started by lionfan1


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