• Week 2 Pick Em's

    Peshtigo vs. Bonduel Bounce back game for Peshtigo but they play a good Bonduel team it could come down to the bounce of the ball ...

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    Started by hogtuff_old

  • Pick em's anyone?

    Trying to get some life into this forum thought maybe a lil week by week Pick'Em could help Elcho/White Lake vs. Wausaukee ...

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    Started by hogtuff_old

  • scrimmages

    Any teams or any players impress anyone during this passed weekends scrimmages?

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    Started by hogtuff_old

  • Hello? Anybody?

    I just thought I'd see if there are any lurkers left or if the place is completely dead. If so, introduce yourself. Maybe make this into a football...

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    Started by jerry_old

  • New High School/Amateur Baseball Forum!

    I wanted to spread the word that Wissports has now created a High School/Amateur Baseball Forum. This is in direct relation with the increased...

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    Started by pinetar

  • Attn Lena

    Please pass on information concerning the girl that was hurt in the game against Niagara, and left via ambulance. Not sure where she was hurt. It...

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    Started by magnum1

  • Fantastic ballplayer

    I know we aren't supposed to single out players, but that Hilary Arthur (Wausaukee) is one of the best players I have ever seen. I though she was...

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    Started by magnum1

  • G.B.B. 11/21

    Coleman 47, Oconto 44 Marinette St. Thomas 52, Gibraltar 49 Northland Pines (The school that Chicago built) 39, Niagara 38

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  • Girls BB 11/20 scores

    Crivitz 62, Laona 31 Peshtigo 67, Bonduel 54 Shiocton 24, Suring 17 Wausaukee 49, Crandon 28

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  • Girls BB 11/18 scores

    Suring 5 6 16 14 ? 41 Laona 4 4 11 14 ? 33 Gillett 11 17 12 18 ? 58 Bonduel 10 14 9 13 ? 46 Marinette 1 21 9 20 ? 51 ...

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    Started by magnum1

  • Coleman football

    Id like to just say congrats to the Coleman football team in their performance so far this season. No one has really mentioned it, except one...

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    Started by sabermenu_old

  • Lena Boy's Basketball

    Anyone hear who will take over the head coaching job at Lena?

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    Started by boryan

  • Congrats to State winners!

    Florences Aileen Lamanski - New State record for long jump. Niagara's Jamie Vandenberg - New State record for 400 (edit) and 800 meter dash. ...

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    Started by magnum1

  • Lady Badgers Triple Crown

    I must throw congrats to my hometown Lady Badgers. This school years' champs in Volleyball, Basketball, and today adding M O Track. Great...

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  • Crivitz Invite

    Track and Field http://www.pttiming.com/raceresults/100467-Crivitz%202008.htm

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    Division 3 Invite at the Superior Dome in Marquette Michigan. 14 Upper Peninsula schools. 2 Wisconsin Schools (Niagara and...

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  • Niagara Petition to Rejoin the M&O

    Looks like it will be submitted soon. Northern Lakes Conference is getting to the point where they are having a hard time fielding JV teams for...

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    Started by magnum1

  • Coleman Baseball

    Coleman is to play 3-Lakes tomorrow in baseball and softball, are the fields ready?

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    Started by Camper_old

  • Snow Shoes?

    I'm beginning to think I'll need to buy my daughter snow shoes for this years track season.......that and a shovel!

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    Started by magnum1

  • Lena Boys Basketball

    I see Mark Miller has posted that Tim Goldschmidt has stepped down at Lena as the Head Boys Basketball coach. Does anyone know why? I know Brady...

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    Started by hoops2104

  • And a strange silence...

    ...falls over the house.

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    Started by magnum1

  • WBCA D4 Team

    Congrats to Jamie Vandenberg of Niagara on being chosen Honorable Mention WBCA D4.

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    Started by coach40

  • Deleted threads

    Jerry and I have been deleting some threads because of the insinuations made about Josh Regal attending a different school. We have done fairly well...

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  • Congrats Suring

    Great job this year to make it to the D4 State Championship. You ended 26-1 but will remain #1 in many fans hearts. As I watched your game against...

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    Started by coach40

  • Peshtigo

    Im an outsider of the conference but what exactly has happened to the bulldogs this season? I recall that they had a couple of talented guards last...

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    Started by double_double_old


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