• tournament pick'em

    I created a wishoops group at Yahoo sports for the NCAA tourny pick'em. http://tournament.fantasysports.yahoo.com/ Feel free to join, ID#:...

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    Started by warhawk13_old

  • 900

    since there is no skiing board, i'll tell you guys... i landed my first 900 today. thats taking off forwards, spining 2 1/2 rotations and landing...

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    Started by big_hog_old

  • Big Night for 2 Dodgeland boys, 3 if you count X!

    Szopinski hits game winner in battle for regional seedings ..... that's what the papers title should be! i dont' really like to brag but the...

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    Started by lysol_101_old

  • Rio beats Husty in Double OT

    Husty played Rio tonite at Watertown in the Sectional Semifinal. It was an intense game, both teams played awesome. Congrats to Rio, and Husty played...

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    Started by dwade05_old

  • Husty

    Congrats to husty on their regional final win! good luck against either Rio or... haha ... the team they play! post Rio's score when they're done...

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  • wrestlers

    Congratulations and good luck goes out to Brandon Jochem from Husty, and Tim Will from Dodgeland for making it to state. Represent for the...

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    Started by big_hog_old

  • POY

    The end of the conference is coming fast who is going to be player of the year???? my vote has to go to kuehl hands down over 21 a game and over...

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  • Rio over Hustisford

    Rio beat Hustisford 46-40. Anybody have any thoughts or comments on the game?

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    Started by dwade05_old

  • FBLA

    Do any of the schools in this conference have it... if so who is going to state?!?!??

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    Started by twista05

  • Hostel

    Has anyone gone to see this movie yet? It is a pretty f-ed up movie. I laughed through a lot of it, eventhough it was pretty gross because one of...

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    MANY basketball scores have not been reported to this site. We are trying to find all of the missing scores. Please check your team's page and PM me...

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  • Tournaments

    i know Dodgeland and Husty play in a tournament over break... any one else... Dodgeland plays the 28th at noon at kettle moraine... and Husty...

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  • 12/22 games

    a new set of conference games... dodgeland vs. Fall river Husty vs. Rio Abundant Life vs. Bay and Creek vs. Deerfield hm... i got...

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  • Injuries

    Any injuries early in the season for any team? i know dodgeland is going to be hurting without their big man joe cox, out with a knee injury, tough...

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  • Pre-season All Conference

    Uh.. saw it other places so... what do you think, both guys and girls, (hint... the hockey puck) (Mr. Green)!

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  • All-Region

    The players that made the all-region team from NGM are: Jordan Dorn RB, Jr Andy Westby OL, Jr Matt Kaderly DL, Jr Post who made it...

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    Started by gopack_old

  • how many teams are playoff bound

    i think top 4 are for sure, right now..anyone else

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    Started by callaway13_old

  • Oct. 14th games

    Green Lake @ Princeton Fall River @ Creek Rio @ Husty Cambria @ ABL I'm taking: Green Lake by 10 Fall River in an upset by 7 or...

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    Started by big_hog_old

  • Trailways-Large scores

    New Glarus-Monticello 69 Dodgeland-0 Belleville-Albany-31 Deerfield-14 Pardeeville-40 Oakfield-20 Next Week NGM...

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    no you didnt read it wrong, husty beat cambria-friesland 35-8. Husty dominated the whole game, cambria had more 3-and-outs drives with first downs,...

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  • Trailways large scores

    New Glarus-Monticello-40 Oakfield-0 I think that Belleville-Albany beat Montello 28-14 or something Also, Dogeland lost to Randolph like...

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  • sorry u guys

    hey everyone, sorry i havent been around in a while, things just got busy and you know how it goes. I know some of you hate me, but thats ok, you...

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  • Abundant Life

    Just out of curiosity, can anyone tell me what Abundant Life's girls basketball team will be like, this season?

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    Started by coach_c_old

  • Deerfield boy's basketball position

    Anyone have any news on this job yet?

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    Started by boryan


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